The distrust shown toward Romney for his delay in releasing his tax rate information has been refreshing. I think many of us are suspicious of any very rich politician who claims to have our best interests at heart.
One suggestion that might help here is to have every statement from every politician start with the phrase ” My effective tax rate last year was ….”. Then we would know how much attention to pay to this statement and how much caution we should have when listening to it. If this comes from a 15% tax rate guy, I would immediately be on my guard – this is clearly a guy who knows how to play the loopholes. If it comes from a 28% tax rate guy, I would be much more open minded – this is someone who pays his fair share.
This rule should apply to all state and Federal elected politicians, and should be required as the first statement in every speech they make , and in every press release and in every piece of legislation that they sponsor.
This is not just a bash Romney suggestion. I also have concerns about, for example, Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary – clearly very competent, but does he really have our interests at heart , or maybe just Goldman Sachs??