World markets slumped today as people realized what the Republican forced cuts will do to the US economy and jobs.
If any of this was about improving our economy or creating jobs, the markets would have soared. They didn’t.
So now we have most economists and all the world markets telling us that the Republicans are driving us into a deep hole. We will see the economy shrink and unemployment climb, and then this winter we will start the whole cutting process all over again. If we really want a second Great Depression, we are now on track for it.
President Obama said the right words today and I hope he can pull it off – we need more stimulus and we need to roll back the Bush tax cuts on the rich – then we can still pull ourselves out of this Republican inflicted hole.

And don’t forget, the State Republicans are following exactly the same agenda – if you want an economic recovery, vote for Shelly Moore and stop Walker and Harsdorf from any further damage to our local economy.