That liberal bastion, the Wall Street Journal, released their poll on Walker’s budget plan today and 62% of the country think that Walker is wrong to try and strip collective bargaining rights.
A large majority agree with pay cuts and pension contribution increases, but the unions have already agreed to them anyway.
So a clear mandate here – Walker is wrong – collective bargaining should stay.

The WSJ also polled on what people believe should be cut to balance budgets at the Federal level. Again this shows that Walker is targeting exactly the wrong areas to balance the state budget. Dayton is right , Walker is wrong.
The most popular: placing a surtax on federal income taxes for those who make more than $1 million per year (81 percent said that was acceptable), eliminating spending on earmarks (78 percent), eliminating funding for weapons systems the Defense Department says aren’t necessary (76 percent) and eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industries (74 percent).

The least popular: cutting funding for Medicaid, the federal government health-care program for the poor (32 percent said that was acceptable); cutting funding for Medicare, the federal government health-care program for seniors (23 percent); cutting funding for K-12 education (22 percent); and cutting funding for Social Security (22 percent).